Domestic Sales Network

Şampiyon Filter is continuing its production activities in its factory in Iskenderun OSB for more than 35 years. Şampiyon is a preferred filter brand in 81 provinces of Turkey with its more than 1000 distributors, dealers and sales points. Şampiyon Filter is rapidly increasing its market share with the new business partners it adds to its family every year and is used in more vehicles every year.

Employees who are at every level in the organizational structure have a customer-oriented working principle and activities are carried out by considering customer satisfaction in all processes from production to management. Şampiyon Filter with its B2B sales system, which is a first in the Turkish filter industry, it helps its dealers and distributors to follow orders, shipments, campaigns and announcements.

Şampiyon Filter who is offering filtration solutions to automobiles, light commercials, trucks, buses, heavy-duty, agricultural and construction machinery supports its standard quality production with IATF: 16949, ISO 9001, TS 932, TS 5395 and TS 7407 Quality Certificates. The products produced by Şampiyon are tested with high-tech testing equipment and standard quality filters are offered for sale.

Şampiyon Filter evaluates every feedback from its customers with the same sensitivity and offers fast solutions with its customer application management processes and aims to provide high satisfaction to its users in every region of Turkey.