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Şampiyon Filter R & D
Why Şampiyon Filter?
  • Aim for the Perfect Fit
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Şampiyon Filter R&D
R&D Center

In the technical sense, the basic unit of the Şampiyon Filter brand, which aims to grow steadily and steadily, is R&D.

Şampiyon Filter has made continuous progress and development in the national and international arena with his main target since 1985. Şampiyon Filter has become a pioneer global manufacturer that exports to 75 countries today. Şampiyon Filter, which has the title of Turkey's first filter manufacturer with R&D Center, focussed on providing "advanced technology and quality service with constantly rising" throughout its adventure of more than 35 years. Şampiyon Filter is set out to the road with the understanding of "champion", manufactures high-quality oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, and hydraulic filters in accordance with international standards for automotive, agricultural, construction machinery, and commercial bus and truck groups.

Şampiyon Filter which is taking its place among the most respected companies in the Automotive Supply Industry Sector continues to serve with increasing responsibility in the domestic and international markets and brings its products together with its customers in wide geographies with its diversity in its product range. Şampiyon Filter, which closely follows the developing vehicle technologies and adds new filter types to its product range every day; while continuing its activities uninterruptedly in Africa, the Caucasus, and the Middle East regions, continues to grow rapidly in these regions with its investments in Europe and South America.

The importance given to customer satisfaction and after-sales services, as well as the feedback and suggestions which are received from business partners, are evaluated in all management and operation processes of the company and put into action. That's why today, Şampiyon Filter has become a preferred brand worldwide.

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