Cabin Filters

The cabin filter cleans the air that passengers and driver breathe in the passenger compartment. Because polluted air significantly affects both our health and our concentration while driving, the cabin filter is extremely important. Polluted air is a very serious threat. According to the official data of the European Environment Agency: Fresh air cabin for healthy driving

  • In Europe, 460,000 people die early every year just because of the polluted air.
  • Extremely polluted air problem affects 80% of the population of all urban areas in Europe.

We care about your travel comfort. The cleanness and quality of the air you breathe while in your vehicle is directly related to safety and health. Regardless of long travel attendants or daily users, the air comfort and cleanliness of the cabins should be provided at global standards. Cabin filters keep the air circulating to your vehicle from external factors such as dust, particles, foreign objects, and prevent your eyes and general health from getting tired in a short time. You can safely choose champion cabin filters that have passed many tests and measurements. The maintenance and innovation of cabin filters should be provided at the recommended km and distances according to vehicle types.

Panel Air Filters

They filter the air in its purest form for your driving comfort and health.

Round Air Filters

No particles are allowed, except for fresh air.