Frequently Asked Questions

1- The letters at the beginning of the product code determine the product group:

Type Group
Element CE
Spin-On CS
Plastisol CH
Radial CR
Cabin CK
Air CH
Panel CP
Filter Housing CY

2- The 4-digit special code after the group name indicates the serial number of the product.

3- In order to define the feature of the filter, it is necessary to look at the letters below at the end of the serial number.

Feature Group
Adblue Filter MAB
Multi-Component Filter KIT
Eco Water Filter SE
Eco Oil Filter E
Eco Fuel Filter ME
Eco Glue-Free Filter X
Filter Housing AH
Air Seperator AS
Air Turbo Filter AT
Hydraulic H
Wire Mesh Hydraulic Filter HT
Felt Fuel Filter MK
Covered Filter KL
Microglass Filter MG
Propeller Air Filter K
Plastic Frame Panel Filter P
Plastic Filter Housing PAH
Plastic Capped Eco Filter PE
Plastic Capped Filter P
Plastic Foam Panel Filter PF
Plastic Fuel Filter MP
Sock-Style Filter MC
Sheet Metal Fuel Filter S
Sheet Metal and Foam Panel Filter SF
Water Filter S
Panel Filter With Foam F
Wire Mesh Filter T
Fuel M
Fireproof Filter FR
String Wound Filter L
LPG Filter LG

There are more than 3500 filter types in the product range of Şampiyon Filter. Our products consist of oil, fuel, air and hydraulic filters of automotive, agricultural, construction equipment and commercial bus and truck groups designed in accordance with national and international standards.

Şampiyon Filter also manufactures original equipment for major automotive manufacturers. Many filter models we have designed and produced to date are used by automotive manufacturers as original parts.

Every product you buy from Şampiyon Filter is under superior quality assurance. However, problems arising from improper use or incorrect installation of the filter are not covered by the warranty.

You can get information about our nearest sales point from the contact form on our website and social media accounts or by calling us between 07:30-17:30 on weekdays.

You should always report your complaint at the place of purchase of the filter. Our company only evaluates the complaints submitted by our own distributors.

You can apply for the dealership application via e-mail address.