Research and Development

"The engineer is a history maker."

James Kip Finch

Founded in 1985, Şampiyon produces and develops world class filters. To provide and follow global values ​​and information; The basic unit of the Şampiyon Filter brand, which aims at regular and stable growth in technical terms, is R & D.

The "Şampiyon R & D", which aims to understand the quality targets of the sector and exceed them; continues to work with the performance and notifications of the products in the usage process. The efficient and environmentally friendly product is in the organization and discipline to maintain waste-free and economical production principles.

Şampiyon Filter R & D team works with continuous track modernization. It aims to meet the quality criteria on a continuous basis and in every product. The products developed are tested and evaluated in the laboratory environment of Şampiyon Filter.

Writing a history that respects the environment is the philosophy of Şampiyon Filter engineers.