Oil Filters

Engine oil lubricates all moving and functional parts in the engine. The soot and particles formed in the combustion chamber mix with the engine oil and increase the oil's viscosity. Corrosion occurs on bearing and cylinder surfaces. Consequently, engine performance decreases and fuel consumption increases. At worst, engine damage can occur. 75% of the causes of malfunctions in the moving parts of the engine can be attributed to unwanted particles in the oil. It is the oil filter's job to remove these particles from the oil flow to help prevent early component wear and system failure. As the complexity of lubrication systems increases, the need for reliable filtration protection becomes more critical than ever.

High fuel and less fuel consumption is based on today's engines. Clean oil is essential for the engine's first day performance and efficiency. Şampiyon filter cleans oil with high precision for the first-day performance and efficiency of your engine.

There are many types of oil filters available today. Choosing the optimum filtration solution contributes to prevent damage caused by contamination and increase system availability and thus contributes to significantly increasing productivity.

Advantages of Şampiyon Oil Filters

  • Cleaner engine oil
  • Longer engine life
  • Low engine maintenance cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Increased engine efficiency
  • Increased filtration capacity and lifetime
  • Sustainable efficiency filtration efficiency up to 99.9%
  • ~ 80% less oil usage

Features of Şampiyon Oil Filters

  • High reliability efficiency and performance
  • Ensuring that the desired amount of oil is filtered cleanly, which will minimize friction
  • Has the ability to fully retain particles such as carbon, chrome and metal particles caused by burning, friction and pressure
  • Metal parts resistant to high pressure and corrosion
  • Superior sealing ability of the filter in terms of winding, adhesion and joints
  • Quality and safe packaging
  • Perfect balance of dirt catching efficiency and dirt holding capacity
  • Provides pressure-resistant and uninterrupted oil flow

Spin-On Oil Filters

Highly improved separation performance and contamination holding capacity.

Oil Filter Elements

Cleaner engine oil and longer engine life.

Oil Filter Elements (Metal-Free)

Environmentally friendly ecological options.