Air Dryer Filters

Air dryers are a filter that protects a vehicle's brake air system. It provides protection against corrosion and freezing by preventing the pressure from the vehicle compressor, hot and humid air from entering the system. As a result, the entire air system operates safely and at top performance.

Air dryer filters provide powerful protection against oil leakage with compressed air from the vehicle compressor. With its stable and continuous renewal process, ŞAMPİYON FILTER air dryer filters provide superior dehumidification performance and excellent oil separation at the same time. ŞAMPİYON brand air dryers should be preferred for tough and safe vehicle driving.

Advantages of Şampiyon Air Dryer Filters

  • Maximum dehumidification and longer system life
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Maximum safety in vehicle braking system

Benefits of Şampiyon Air Dryer Filters

  • Yüksek güvenilirlik verimlilik ve performans
  • High reliability efficiency and performance
  • It has the ability to fully retain particles such as carbon, chrome and metal particles caused by burning, friction and pressure
  • Metal parts resistant to high pressure and corrosion
  • Superior sealing ability of the filter in the winding, adhesion and joints
  • Excellent balance of oil, water, dirt capture efficiency and water holding capacity.
  • It is pressure-resistant and provides continuous dry air flow.

Spin-On Air Dryer Filters

Maximum dehumidification and longer system life.